The osteopathic clinic performing italy in Itabashi relieves pain with surgery

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The Osteopathic Clinic, which is organized in Itabashi, is an osteopathic clinic that leads to improvement in pain and helps to improve health and well-being. We do counseling firmly in order to find out the cause and part such as pain of the patient, and offer heartfelt treatment which was close to the trouble of each person's body. It is well received that you can leave the treatment while relaxing with a polite response.
We offer treatments such as stretching and muscle release to stiff shoulders, headaches, and back pain, and relieve pains and malfunctions of the body to satisfy patients. Please contact us if you are looking for an osteopathic clinic that will make a definite improvement on your journey.


There is a treatment to relieve and improve pain by Itabashi's manipulation technique

We will give the most effective treatment to relieve shoulder stiffness and headache

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Director Shiina Kazuki

【Judo Reduction Master, Master's Degree (Health Science)】


・ Teikyo University Faculty of Medical Technology and Technology Judo Restoration Department

-Teikyo Heisei University Graduate School of Health Sciences Judo Rehabilitation Major Master's Program

・ Orthopedics, Osteopathic clinic, Functional training instructor

Hello , my name is Shiina Itabashi Director of Osteopathic Hospital.

Under the motto " Body and mind, brilliance ", we aim to be a hospital that can help improve the quality of life of everyone.

I think that " health " of mind and body is the capital in work work and hobby activities, anything.

Pain is not only a substantial injury to the body, but

There is also pain caused by “ heart ”.

Simply put, acute pain is ' body '.

Chronic pain is the case of a warning issued from " heart ".

In our hospital , treatment, treatment that matched "the pain" of everybody from a wide menu including health insurance treatment , own expense treatment (facial fascia release, oxygen capsule, adjustment), relaxation (body care, reflexology) to be able to care physically and physically Help improve the quality of life.

If you have trouble with your body,

From minor injuries to major injuries such as traffic accidents,

Please feel free to contact us.

Itabashi Hikari Osteopathic Clinic

Director Shiina


We offer treatments that specialize in palliative care


Hospital name

Itabashi Hikari Osteopathic Clinic

Street address

Itabashi Ward, Tokyo 1-24-1 Itabashi Sun Itabashi Heights 1F

phone number
business hours

8:00 to 20:00

Regular holiday



The Osteopathic Institute, which performs assembly in Itabashi, is a 2-minute walk from the nearest station to which JR, Tobu Tojo Line and Toei Mita Line go, and is open from 8 am to 8 am.
To improve stiffness and back pain, improve blood flow and reduce pain, so it is effective to improve lifestyle and to release adhesions of fascia. Please try a stretch and the like to understand the daily muscle membrane by body care.

About us

An excellent procedure to improve physical disorder at the Osteopathic Hospital, which performs at Itabashi

The Osteopathic Hospital, which performs tailor-made surgery at Itabashi, boasts advanced treatments and thick trust

The region's well-known Osteopathic Institute helps improve pain and improve your well-being and health. Counseling is done firmly to find out the cause and part of the patient's pain, etc., and it is highly appreciated that it is possible to take care of the treatment closely related to the troubles of each person's body and leave it while relaxing with polite treatment. You For pain that can be said to be a lifestyle-related disease such as stiff neck and headache, we handle a lot of treatments that solve fatigue and stiffness with body care designed to promote blood circulation with Medicel fascio aspiration therapy for musculoskeletal release and a careful procedure. You
We are available for traffic accident treatment and sports medical treatment, and can respond promptly to pain and trouble that we did not get elsewhere, and we specialize in techniques to remove the cause of pain from nerves from the root, and also skeleton such as pelvic correction We also perform treatments to correct and also offer advice such as stretching and training as home care after surgery in response to problems such as the back of the cat. By introducing oxygen capsules, we are strengthening our ability to improve fatigue, diet and infertility treatment. We support the delivery of each patient's healthy daily life, so please consult us if you have a physical pain or trouble.

The Osteopathic Hospital, which is working on Itabashi, has treatments for improving pain and disorders

The staff with excellent technology is in the roadside store where the closeness with the locality in which both the patient's mind and body are healthy and supporting the improvement of the quality of life together and cherish a sense of cleanliness close to 2 minutes from each station We treat you carefully. We also handle traffic accident treatment and sports medical treatment, respond with confidence and results that can respond to worries that have not been improved elsewhere, and we are also focusing on body care with techniques.
Backaches such as backaches and headaches and neck and shoulder stiffness, which are also lifestyle-related diseases, are said to be from neuralgia and arthralgias, and are often caused by injuries and daily lifestyle such as aging, etc. It is also easy to use. We perform treatment that relieves the fascia and removes the pain that comes from the nerve, etc., and also performs Medicel fascio aspiration therapy for muscle release. Skeletal correction and pelvic correction of the back of the cat are also performed, and advice such as stretching and training is also given as home care after surgery. In addition, oxygen capsules are adopted and it has become a topic that improvement power is high in fatigue recovery and diet and infertility treatment. Please come to the Osteopathic Clinic, which is open on weekends and holidays with various insurance applicable and secure card payment prices.